University of Felons


UF now stands for University of Felons. All those who know me know that I am one of the biggest, in my opinion the 2nd biggest U fan behind my best friend T-Bone. And all those who know my love and affection for Da U, know that as much as I love Da U, I hate the Florida Gayturds. But I will spear the Gayturds and my rant about how they really are not that good, how they have never really won a National Championship (in my opinion you must go undefeated or else it’s tainted), or how the program is a cowardly program that refuses to discipline players when it’s not convenient. My rant will be directed at the biggest monopoly in sports and their cowardly coverage of sports news… ESPN.

How much you want to bet that come September and the Canes play FIU, we will see images of the brawl about… hmmm 300,000,000 times? Funny thing is, ESPN portrayed a bad image of the Canes when earlier last season a teammate came to the aid of Maryweather with a properly concealed, and registered weapon when his teammate was shot at. When the brawl occurred, ESPN failed to mention that Miami did not initiate the brawl, and when Brian Patta was unfortunately murdered, ESPN covered it as if it is expected at Da U.

But where the hell is ESPN and their coverage of the Florida Gayturds and what seems to be a wild running, and total loss of control by Urban Meyer of his football team? On June 12th, RB Brandon James was arrested for purchasing and possession of Marijuana. This is the 4th, let me repeat, THE FOURTH!!!! Incident in the span of a MONTH involving a Florida Gayturd member of the football team and police authorities. Earlier LB Dustin Doe was charged with public fighting, OL Ronnie Wilson was charged with aggravated assault for use and display of a concealed weapon. Finally, five Gaytord football players were involved in a robbery at a party at Cabana Beach Apartments earlier this month when unidentified players assisted in the stealing of a keg.

It’s a shame… but the bias, and ESPN obsession with villanizing the University of Miami is sad.


2 Responses to “University of Felons”

  1. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…the U…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, the U. funny how when the wicckked awwwsome (boston accent) sox aren’t doing so hot we hear nothing about them?????? i got 4 words for you guys. OCHO IN A ROW.

    GO YANKEES….go musssssss

  2. whiteyrules Says:

    Well, the U of Miami still has more felons than UF. Isnt your entire defensive side of the ball on probation?? Oh, by the way, how is that lexus, did you ever get that dent fixed?

    White E. Rules

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