Midseason Awards


American League- Gary Sheffield

Ok, so I know the most obvious choice on the team is Maglio Ordonez, but why do you think Maglio is having the year of his life? Do you think it has anything to do with finally having a bat worth puting in front of him? The man is hitting .295 and is on pace for 40+ home runs and 100+ rbi’s while leading the league in runs scored. And please, spear me the A-Rod crap, MVP stands for most valuable player, and granted he may be the difference between 3rd in the AL East and last, but how valuable is that?

National League- Prince Fielder

Milwakee is the youngest team in the NL out of all the contending teams, yet they have the second best record in the NL 0.5 games back from the Padres. Granted, the NL Central is the worst division in baseball, but that does not take away from 27 home runs, 66 rbi’s, and 59 runs scored. And unlike A-Rod… he has his team contending.

Cy Young

American League- C.C. Sabathia

I know, I know, I should be a homer and call for Josh Beckett, but Josh hasn’t had to do it in a pressure situation, the Sox have dominated the Skankees and they haven’t played a significant game since opening day. In the other hand, the Indians have played over 9 playoff games already versus the Tigers, and every game C.C. pitches, is almost a must win witht the Tigers right on their heels. Oh, and leading the league in wins and strike outs while having a 3.20 era doesn’t hurt.

National League- Jake Peavy

Has anyone else been more lights out? Peavy is top five in almost every single significant category… era, strike outs, innings pitched and wins. But more importantly he leads a club that has the best record in the NL in the toughest division, and on a team that struggles to score any runs.

Rookie of the Year

American League- Daisuke Matsuzaka

Oh now I’m being a homer? I know he only plays every 5 games, and he isn’t completely a rookie, but the fact of the matter is he is eligible, and is having a very good season in a town where winning is everything. Not to mention that Dice-K is the only Sox pitcher in the top 3 of the rotation not to have missed a start due to injury this year. Making him the anchor, and the rock of the staff. He had a rough start, but he finished with 10 wins and 119 strike outs this midseason… that puts him on pace for somewhere around a 3.50 era, 20 wins, and 200+ strike outs.

National League- Hunter Pence

Now I know I always preach about standings and how valuable a player is, but this isn’t the MVP, it is the Rookie of the Year, and it goes to the Rookie with the best numbers. Hunter Pence is on pace to hit over .300, 20+ home runs, and 100+ rbi’s… and he didn’t play the first month of the year! He has added life to an offense that was terrible.


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