The Greatest of All Time


Barry is slumping, Bud is probably drunk at a Brewers game hoping it lasts for the rest of his career, Giants front office wants it to last a little longer to sell more tickets, Hammer is out playing golf or something, and I? Well, I’m just hoping he does is it AUGUST 8, against the Nationals. I got my tickets already!

However, we still have no word on Bud, and Hank still refuses to fly around park to park until he does it. Now I excuse Hank, he earned that much when he dealt with death threats, and racism while breaking the record and yet to this day getting any love. However, I can’t excuse Mr. Comish. The best player in baseball history, and yes let me repeat it, THE BEST PLAYER IN BASEBALL HISTORY, is about to break the most prestigious record in all of sports and you don’t know if you are going to be there? And why? Because you have the suspicion that he was on roids? Barry Bonds will not only be the home run king, but he will hit lifetime near .300, be the only player in baseball history to 500 home runs and 500 stolen bases (think about that), and have the most ridiculous on base percentage and slugging percentage of all time. All while being pitched to about one time a game towards the end of his career.

Do I care though? Do I give a rat’s ass if the worst commissioner of sports history is in attendance? In fact I do care, I would be upset if he is there. He does not deserve to share the field with the greatest living ball players of all time, Barry and his godfather. Ted Williams once said, “They created the all star game for Willie Mayes.” He stared in 24 all star games and prior to Bonds was considered the most compete player in baseball history with over 500 home runs and over 300 stolen bases. The Say Hey Kid will likely wear his #24 Giants jersey and rightfully so walk to the field, hug his godson, and stand next to #25… ironically enough, as in baseball history, side by side in numerical order and on the field.


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