Boy’s Back!


It has been almost 3 years… Really?  Has it really been 3 years since I wrote something?  What happened in that time?  Lakers are NBA champions, Randy Shannon is still the worst coach in America, the NY Skankees bought another ring, and the University of Felons, I mean Florida, have had a record setting 30 arrest…  Cool story bro.

So why now?  Why take the dust off of this old mac, and rehash a blog that brought out so much animosity in people?  Because I thought it would be an excellent time to remind you all I was right, and you were wrong.  LeFraud James, King of the JV, still sucks.  Hey man, you are tough.  We get it.  You are a tough guy.  You dance and act like a buffoon.  You wear #23.  You like to do the little nonsense with the baby powder before every game.  Cool story bro.  Now win a championship you bum!  You are a back to back 2 time MVP, and the most over hyped athlete in the history of sports.  Yet you cannot make it to the Conference finals?  You took only 14 shots in game 5 at home?  C’mon man.  Have some self respect for yourself.  It’s embarrassing.  Give that MVP award back brother.

Oh, and I don’t want to hear the, oh but he does not have a good team.  He lacks that number 2.  He does not have a center.  Blah, blah, blah.  Fact is, every Cavs starter had been an All-Star either last year, or the year before.  He had a big man in the middle, and they traded for Antwan Jaimison.  And if the team was so bad, how did they finish with the best record in the NBA… for the second year in a row? 

LeBron, I usually charge my clients $250-$300 an hour, but I will give you this 2 minute piece of advice for free just because I could use the referral from a famous guy like you when you end up here in New York…  Take the big boy money from Jay-Z and sign with the soon to be BK Nets.  They are building a brand new arena in Brooklyn, and it will be a fresh new start for you and the team.  They will max you out, and Jay knows how to run a business.  In the end, you will become the most marketable player in NBA history representing Brooklyn, and the city of New York.  You will never win a damn thing, but that’s OK, you aren’t gonna win anyways, no matter where you go.  You are not clutch, you are not the stick shift.  Trust me when I tell you… Brooklyn.  We go hard.  You don’t, but at least the city you rep will.


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