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Campeon de America!

Posted in Boca Juniors on June 28, 2007 by rodriguezj20


Si quieres ver fiesta, ven para la doce
Por que esta es la hinchada mas loca que hay
Somos tu orquesta, somos tu bandera
Todos los borrachos se quieren matar
Vamos xenienze, vamos a ganar,
Que esta es la hinchada que te va alentar
Vamos xenienze no puedes perder
Que todos los borrachos vamos a correr

No one understands the passion, the pagentry, the love, and the obsession that is Argentinian futbol. Many people ask me… Would you kill for Boca? Would you die for Boca? What would you do for Boca? The answers are… YES, YES and ANYTHING! I would give 20 years of my life to see what I saw this past week. I would sacrifice my first born like Abraham did, and I would kill you, or anyone that the Gods ask me to for the joy, the love and the obsession that fills my heart with pleasures of my Boca Juniors.

What did you say? You aren’t into futbol? You don’t get it? You don’t understand? Understand and get this… this is more important than any miserable life you can think of… this is what I live for, this is what brings me joy. When they loose a hole appears in my walls, and when they win I cry tears of joy. It has nothing to do with money; it has everything to do with the flag, the blue and gold, la camiseta, pride, and tradition. It has everything to do with a stadium that fits 50,000 plus who sign the same songs and legend has it moves an inch every game closer to Boca.

Boca, vos sos mi vida! Translates to Boca, you are my life… and in a week where my life meant nothing more than just another case law book to read, and another pathetic attempt to please a crowd of readers who read for entertainment and cheer for a trophy, you delivered me joy, love, and an obsession few understood, understand, and even fewer will take strides to understand in the future… Boca te quiero hoy, mas que ayer!