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Worth the $$$

Posted in Boxing on June 13, 2007 by rodriguezj20


Because of my absence from my newly found addiction… and no I don’t mean the CW’s new show Hidden Palms, I was speaking about this Blog… although if you must ask it’s pretty good, a somewhat combination of the O.C. and 90210. Check it out, Wednesdays at 8 PM on the new CW. By the way send the check to 4208 Boca Woods Dr. Orlando, FL 32826 for that promo will ya CW?

Anyhow, too much went by this week without me being able to enlighten you cretins. For starters, Miguel Cotto and the entire population of New York City, Puerto Rico proved that boxing is alive and well. For all those who spent the 50 bucks on the Mayweather v. Dela Chicken fight and were left wondering where all the action was, the answer was clear… it went to the real newly excitable vibrant fighter from Caguas, Puerto Rico, Miguel Cotto. The fight had it all, drama, blood, a TKO, and a humble fighter that was left with the overwhelming support of an island that places boxing right bellow baseball, sex, and breathing… in that same order.

The under cards were even exciting! Chavez Jr. demonstrated why boxing is in the genes, and if you haven’t heard… you will, this kid is destined for greatness. And that was also preceded by Manny Paquiao’s younger brother getting his clock cleaned… now go get revenge Manny!

The point is, assuming both Margarito and Cotto can win their tune up fights, we are primed for another great fight sometime next November or December. Just mark my words, this kid is good, good enough to beat Pretty Boy Floyd… and unlike Oscar, he wouldn’t be afraid to get his pretty little face hit in order to hit.