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Boy’s Back!

Posted in General Sports on May 14, 2010 by rodriguezj20


It has been almost 3 years… Really?  Has it really been 3 years since I wrote something?  What happened in that time?  Lakers are NBA champions, Randy Shannon is still the worst coach in America, the NY Skankees bought another ring, and the University of Felons, I mean Florida, have had a record setting 30 arrest…  Cool story bro.

So why now?  Why take the dust off of this old mac, and rehash a blog that brought out so much animosity in people?  Because I thought it would be an excellent time to remind you all I was right, and you were wrong.  LeFraud James, King of the JV, still sucks.  Hey man, you are tough.  We get it.  You are a tough guy.  You dance and act like a buffoon.  You wear #23.  You like to do the little nonsense with the baby powder before every game.  Cool story bro.  Now win a championship you bum!  You are a back to back 2 time MVP, and the most over hyped athlete in the history of sports.  Yet you cannot make it to the Conference finals?  You took only 14 shots in game 5 at home?  C’mon man.  Have some self respect for yourself.  It’s embarrassing.  Give that MVP award back brother.

Oh, and I don’t want to hear the, oh but he does not have a good team.  He lacks that number 2.  He does not have a center.  Blah, blah, blah.  Fact is, every Cavs starter had been an All-Star either last year, or the year before.  He had a big man in the middle, and they traded for Antwan Jaimison.  And if the team was so bad, how did they finish with the best record in the NBA… for the second year in a row? 

LeBron, I usually charge my clients $250-$300 an hour, but I will give you this 2 minute piece of advice for free just because I could use the referral from a famous guy like you when you end up here in New York…  Take the big boy money from Jay-Z and sign with the soon to be BK Nets.  They are building a brand new arena in Brooklyn, and it will be a fresh new start for you and the team.  They will max you out, and Jay knows how to run a business.  In the end, you will become the most marketable player in NBA history representing Brooklyn, and the city of New York.  You will never win a damn thing, but that’s OK, you aren’t gonna win anyways, no matter where you go.  You are not clutch, you are not the stick shift.  Trust me when I tell you… Brooklyn.  We go hard.  You don’t, but at least the city you rep will.


Fantasy 101

Posted in General Sports on July 18, 2007 by rodriguezj20

Fantasy Baseball is a lot like the stock market, you got to buy low and sell high. Because of this, here are my top 5 players to sell high on this season.

Dan Haren- Yes he has been the highest rated fantasy pitcher most of the year in most leagues with his 10-3 record, 2.33 era, 104 k’s, and 1.03 whip. However he plays for an Oakland team that does not seem to have enough offense to allow him to finish with 20 wins at the end of the year, is 1-1 over his last four starts not going 7 innings in any of them, and allowing 30 hits over the four starts. And even though he is on pace for 200 k’s, not once has he ever finished the year with 180 k’s.

Eric Byrnes- There is a reason Eric Byrnes has been in and out of the majors since the year 2000. Last year was Eric’s most productive year with 26 home runs and 25 stolen bases, driving in almost 80 runs and batting around .260. His numbers are inflated, and he is not surrounded by any hitters on the Arizona lineup. Last year Eric hit .292 before the all star game, and reverted to his usal self after hitting .242. Expect the same from him this year.

Chipper Jones- Sure this guy is a future hall of famer and the numbers are there at the end of the season every year… but one thing that is not is his health. Chipper Jones has had multiple DL stints every year for the past 4 years. This year he has landed because of hands, and legs already. It is a great time to sell and get proper value for him since it has been a while since his last stint… but I warn you, he will land on it again, last thing you need is a hurt Chiper on your team coming down the strech or starting the playoffs.

Brad Penny- He looks phenomenal right now, 11-1 and a 2.33 era. But did you forget last year? He was 10-2 with a 2.91 era, but was 6-7 with a 6.25 era after the all star break and pitched 20 innings less. Never has he eclipsed 150 k’s, and only once has Mr. Penny eaten up over 200 innings and won more than 15 games. You aren’t going to get better value for him than you are now. People are buying on this guy like he is Johan or Peavy… take advantage, and buyers beware.

Carlos Pena- Carlos is around the .300 avg, with 22 jacks, 58 driven in and 50 runs scored. He is on pace to hit around .290 with 40 home runs 120 rbi’s and 100 runs scored. Does that sound right to you? No, it sure don’t. He is a career .250 hitter, never has he ever driven in or scored 100 runs, and only once has he hit over 25 home runs in his previous 7 major league seasons.

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The Greatest of All Time

Posted in General Sports on July 17, 2007 by rodriguezj20


Barry is slumping, Bud is probably drunk at a Brewers game hoping it lasts for the rest of his career, Giants front office wants it to last a little longer to sell more tickets, Hammer is out playing golf or something, and I? Well, I’m just hoping he does is it AUGUST 8, against the Nationals. I got my tickets already!

However, we still have no word on Bud, and Hank still refuses to fly around park to park until he does it. Now I excuse Hank, he earned that much when he dealt with death threats, and racism while breaking the record and yet to this day getting any love. However, I can’t excuse Mr. Comish. The best player in baseball history, and yes let me repeat it, THE BEST PLAYER IN BASEBALL HISTORY, is about to break the most prestigious record in all of sports and you don’t know if you are going to be there? And why? Because you have the suspicion that he was on roids? Barry Bonds will not only be the home run king, but he will hit lifetime near .300, be the only player in baseball history to 500 home runs and 500 stolen bases (think about that), and have the most ridiculous on base percentage and slugging percentage of all time. All while being pitched to about one time a game towards the end of his career.

Do I care though? Do I give a rat’s ass if the worst commissioner of sports history is in attendance? In fact I do care, I would be upset if he is there. He does not deserve to share the field with the greatest living ball players of all time, Barry and his godfather. Ted Williams once said, “They created the all star game for Willie Mayes.” He stared in 24 all star games and prior to Bonds was considered the most compete player in baseball history with over 500 home runs and over 300 stolen bases. The Say Hey Kid will likely wear his #24 Giants jersey and rightfully so walk to the field, hug his godson, and stand next to #25… ironically enough, as in baseball history, side by side in numerical order and on the field.

Midseason Awards

Posted in General Sports on July 5, 2007 by rodriguezj20


American League- Gary Sheffield

Ok, so I know the most obvious choice on the team is Maglio Ordonez, but why do you think Maglio is having the year of his life? Do you think it has anything to do with finally having a bat worth puting in front of him? The man is hitting .295 and is on pace for 40+ home runs and 100+ rbi’s while leading the league in runs scored. And please, spear me the A-Rod crap, MVP stands for most valuable player, and granted he may be the difference between 3rd in the AL East and last, but how valuable is that?

National League- Prince Fielder

Milwakee is the youngest team in the NL out of all the contending teams, yet they have the second best record in the NL 0.5 games back from the Padres. Granted, the NL Central is the worst division in baseball, but that does not take away from 27 home runs, 66 rbi’s, and 59 runs scored. And unlike A-Rod… he has his team contending.

Cy Young

American League- C.C. Sabathia

I know, I know, I should be a homer and call for Josh Beckett, but Josh hasn’t had to do it in a pressure situation, the Sox have dominated the Skankees and they haven’t played a significant game since opening day. In the other hand, the Indians have played over 9 playoff games already versus the Tigers, and every game C.C. pitches, is almost a must win witht the Tigers right on their heels. Oh, and leading the league in wins and strike outs while having a 3.20 era doesn’t hurt.

National League- Jake Peavy

Has anyone else been more lights out? Peavy is top five in almost every single significant category… era, strike outs, innings pitched and wins. But more importantly he leads a club that has the best record in the NL in the toughest division, and on a team that struggles to score any runs.

Rookie of the Year

American League- Daisuke Matsuzaka

Oh now I’m being a homer? I know he only plays every 5 games, and he isn’t completely a rookie, but the fact of the matter is he is eligible, and is having a very good season in a town where winning is everything. Not to mention that Dice-K is the only Sox pitcher in the top 3 of the rotation not to have missed a start due to injury this year. Making him the anchor, and the rock of the staff. He had a rough start, but he finished with 10 wins and 119 strike outs this midseason… that puts him on pace for somewhere around a 3.50 era, 20 wins, and 200+ strike outs.

National League- Hunter Pence

Now I know I always preach about standings and how valuable a player is, but this isn’t the MVP, it is the Rookie of the Year, and it goes to the Rookie with the best numbers. Hunter Pence is on pace to hit over .300, 20+ home runs, and 100+ rbi’s… and he didn’t play the first month of the year! He has added life to an offense that was terrible.

Holy Tennis

Posted in General Sports on June 29, 2007 by rodriguezj20

In a night when I was celebrating Argentina’s first win in La Copa America over the US (4-1), I find myself writting about tennis. But no, this has nothing to do with the God of male athletes and the greatest tennis player to have ever set foot this side of Pluto… Rodger Federer. This is about Sania Mirza and Shahar Peer. Who? I shall explain…

Mirza is an Indian born Muslim, and Peer is an Israeli born Jew. In a world where muslims and jews are at constant war over territory God himself does not remember who belongs to, these two brave women set an example… “Why can’t we all just get along for Christ, Yaweh, or Alah’s sake?!”

Is it just me or does everyone else think this is stupid. The fact that militant leaders of their respected religions are making these two women’s life impossible is so 1960’s it’s not even funny. But I guess to me, it is a reflection of what happens when people start believing and practicing religion, instead of God (whom ever he/she may be).

If these two sections of the world can’t even be ok with two women sharing a tennis court, how can we expect them to share “Holy” land?

University of Felons

Posted in College Football, General Sports on June 14, 2007 by rodriguezj20


UF now stands for University of Felons. All those who know me know that I am one of the biggest, in my opinion the 2nd biggest U fan behind my best friend T-Bone. And all those who know my love and affection for Da U, know that as much as I love Da U, I hate the Florida Gayturds. But I will spear the Gayturds and my rant about how they really are not that good, how they have never really won a National Championship (in my opinion you must go undefeated or else it’s tainted), or how the program is a cowardly program that refuses to discipline players when it’s not convenient. My rant will be directed at the biggest monopoly in sports and their cowardly coverage of sports news… ESPN.

How much you want to bet that come September and the Canes play FIU, we will see images of the brawl about… hmmm 300,000,000 times? Funny thing is, ESPN portrayed a bad image of the Canes when earlier last season a teammate came to the aid of Maryweather with a properly concealed, and registered weapon when his teammate was shot at. When the brawl occurred, ESPN failed to mention that Miami did not initiate the brawl, and when Brian Patta was unfortunately murdered, ESPN covered it as if it is expected at Da U.

But where the hell is ESPN and their coverage of the Florida Gayturds and what seems to be a wild running, and total loss of control by Urban Meyer of his football team? On June 12th, RB Brandon James was arrested for purchasing and possession of Marijuana. This is the 4th, let me repeat, THE FOURTH!!!! Incident in the span of a MONTH involving a Florida Gayturd member of the football team and police authorities. Earlier LB Dustin Doe was charged with public fighting, OL Ronnie Wilson was charged with aggravated assault for use and display of a concealed weapon. Finally, five Gaytord football players were involved in a robbery at a party at Cabana Beach Apartments earlier this month when unidentified players assisted in the stealing of a keg.

It’s a shame… but the bias, and ESPN obsession with villanizing the University of Miami is sad.

Paid Dues

Posted in General Sports on June 13, 2007 by rodriguezj20

NBA Trophy

So after I bet my buddy Josh that the Pistons would put away Prince James, and Deeeeeeetrooooooit Basket Ball let me down, it was time for me to pay my dues and sit out from blogging for a whole week! If you think this is a small price, take into consideration what has happened in sports over the last week and I have yet to touch on any of those subjects: Clemens return, another Gayturd gets arrested, Red Sox’ lead drops to 9.5 games, Spurs destroy Prince James in the first 2 games of the NBA Finals, Cotto proves that boxing is still alive and well and my adored Boca Juniors looses the local tournament to El Cyclon and makes a miricale match turn around of 1-3 to win the Semifinals of the Libertadores.

Ironic that on the eve of the suspension being lifted, another man finds himself paying his dues… Prince Lebron James. Now I know what you are thinking… Jadi please lay off the kid. What did he do to you? He steal your lunch money? Or are you just frustrated that he is tall and athletic and you aren’t?

But no, I am just pointing out the obvious to all you that want to crown this slightly above average basketball player the next Jordan. If you want the next Jordan, all you have to do is watch a Laker game. If Kobe had the Lakes on the East, I guarantee you he’d be in the Finals as well. But of course, like I always say, if the Queen had balls, she’d be the King right? But for all those who have over and over and over tried to remind me that Jordan never made it to an NBA Final at Lebron’s age, let me remind you that Jordan won an NCAA title by Lebron’s age, and Jordan NEVER, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER lost a Final. And please spear me the argument that Lebron has nobody and Jordan had Pippen, Rodman, Grant and so on… because if you want to bring that up, then how can you ignore the fact that Prince James is in the East and he had to face Chauncey Billups, Vince Carter, and Gilbert Arenas while Jordan faced Ewing, Isiah, Bird, and Dumars to make it to the Finals.

But if you need hard evidence, numbers, or anything else just look at his PPG… UNDER 25!!! When was the last time Jordan, hell Kobe, averaged that in the Finals? Better question, when was the last time the Bulls failed to score 50 points in 3 quarters in any Finals game, much less at home! Prince James and the Cavs scored a 72 whopping points in their first game at home… the Prince should just be thankful that he plays in the Junior Varsity. And please, can anyone get the Spurs a broom? I hear they are doing some Spring Cleaning.