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I have never been more proud to be a Lake

Posted in General Sports, Lakers on May 30, 2007 by rodriguezj20


Everyone who knows me knows that I may be the BIGGEST and most adamant sports fan in the world. And because I am so vocal and passionate about my teams, I catch heat more than anyone I know. But nothing seems to fuel the fire more than my love for teams that have absolutely nothing to do with where I am from or where I live. I am not a Magic fan, nor a Predators fan… considering those are the only 2 sports franchises’ in Orlando besides Mickey Mouse sport hunting. And the Puerto Rico Expos were removed from El Hiram Bithorn a couple years back and became the Washington Nationals. I am a fan of Da U, Boston Red Sox, Boca Juniors, New England Pats, and today I have never been more proud to be a fan of course, of the soon to be Kobe-less Lakes.

I love controversy, I love the “bad guys,” who in my opinion are the REAL good guys, and I use to love Kobe. I have defended him time and time again when critics came his way, so now of course I will not choose to join them and become a hypocrite. However, it is moments like these that I get up out of my chair and put on my #34 Shaquille O’Neil jersey and remind myself whom the real championship delivery guy was. It is times like these when I do not bail on my team, and stand up and tell my critics… “You see, I am no bandwagon fan, I stand by my 9 point choking soccer team, 7-6 university, 96 year-less championship green monstah sox, and now my Kobe-less Lakes.”

To all whom are criticized by their sports affiliation that make no sense (with exception to Yankee fan who has never seen the skyline of NYC and is just a fan because Jay-Z and P-Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy, Poop Daddy, or whatever he is calling himself these days) I say, be proud, stand up, and grab that old jersey from the closet… as long as it’s not a #8 or #24 or whatever it will be when he goes to play in Pluto (like he said he would over playing in LA) Kobe Bryant jersey.

That is… if he really wants to go to Pluto or out of LA… I guess only a limited few really know… Kobe, the Lakers, and NASA