Worth the $$$

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Because of my absence from my newly found addiction… and no I don’t mean the CW’s new show Hidden Palms, I was speaking about this Blog… although if you must ask it’s pretty good, a somewhat combination of the O.C. and 90210. Check it out, Wednesdays at 8 PM on the new CW. By the way send the check to 4208 Boca Woods Dr. Orlando, FL 32826 for that promo will ya CW?

Anyhow, too much went by this week without me being able to enlighten you cretins. For starters, Miguel Cotto and the entire population of New York City, Puerto Rico proved that boxing is alive and well. For all those who spent the 50 bucks on the Mayweather v. Dela Chicken fight and were left wondering where all the action was, the answer was clear… it went to the real newly excitable vibrant fighter from Caguas, Puerto Rico, Miguel Cotto. The fight had it all, drama, blood, a TKO, and a humble fighter that was left with the overwhelming support of an island that places boxing right bellow baseball, sex, and breathing… in that same order.

The under cards were even exciting! Chavez Jr. demonstrated why boxing is in the genes, and if you haven’t heard… you will, this kid is destined for greatness. And that was also preceded by Manny Paquiao’s younger brother getting his clock cleaned… now go get revenge Manny!

The point is, assuming both Margarito and Cotto can win their tune up fights, we are primed for another great fight sometime next November or December. Just mark my words, this kid is good, good enough to beat Pretty Boy Floyd… and unlike Oscar, he wouldn’t be afraid to get his pretty little face hit in order to hit.


Paid Dues

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NBA Trophy

So after I bet my buddy Josh that the Pistons would put away Prince James, and Deeeeeeetrooooooit Basket Ball let me down, it was time for me to pay my dues and sit out from blogging for a whole week! If you think this is a small price, take into consideration what has happened in sports over the last week and I have yet to touch on any of those subjects: Clemens return, another Gayturd gets arrested, Red Sox’ lead drops to 9.5 games, Spurs destroy Prince James in the first 2 games of the NBA Finals, Cotto proves that boxing is still alive and well and my adored Boca Juniors looses the local tournament to El Cyclon and makes a miricale match turn around of 1-3 to win the Semifinals of the Libertadores.

Ironic that on the eve of the suspension being lifted, another man finds himself paying his dues… Prince Lebron James. Now I know what you are thinking… Jadi please lay off the kid. What did he do to you? He steal your lunch money? Or are you just frustrated that he is tall and athletic and you aren’t?

But no, I am just pointing out the obvious to all you that want to crown this slightly above average basketball player the next Jordan. If you want the next Jordan, all you have to do is watch a Laker game. If Kobe had the Lakes on the East, I guarantee you he’d be in the Finals as well. But of course, like I always say, if the Queen had balls, she’d be the King right? But for all those who have over and over and over tried to remind me that Jordan never made it to an NBA Final at Lebron’s age, let me remind you that Jordan won an NCAA title by Lebron’s age, and Jordan NEVER, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER lost a Final. And please spear me the argument that Lebron has nobody and Jordan had Pippen, Rodman, Grant and so on… because if you want to bring that up, then how can you ignore the fact that Prince James is in the East and he had to face Chauncey Billups, Vince Carter, and Gilbert Arenas while Jordan faced Ewing, Isiah, Bird, and Dumars to make it to the Finals.

But if you need hard evidence, numbers, or anything else just look at his PPG… UNDER 25!!! When was the last time Jordan, hell Kobe, averaged that in the Finals? Better question, when was the last time the Bulls failed to score 50 points in 3 quarters in any Finals game, much less at home! Prince James and the Cavs scored a 72 whopping points in their first game at home… the Prince should just be thankful that he plays in the Junior Varsity. And please, can anyone get the Spurs a broom? I hear they are doing some Spring Cleaning.

4 Things You Knew

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Since it’s Monday, and you degenerates don’t have a life and expect my Blog over the weekend, which I will remind you won’t happen, I will make it up to you on Mondays by providing the Top 4 stories you just knew I would talk about.

1. King of the JV Beats the Pistons

As much as I criticized Lebron, I have to give credit where credit is due. Lebron proved that at least for this year, Cleveland is King of the Junior Varsity. And please, spear me the whole… “Last year the JV won the ship,” argument. That same team that Miami beat last year was the team out in the first round this year after winning over 65 games. Don’t put Avery in the same sentence as Pop, Dirk as Duncan, Howard as Parker, and any Dallas shooter in the last seconds of the game as Robert “I just show up for 1.5 seconds in a playoff game” Horry. Anyone care to bet with me King Duncan doesn’t put this series away in 5?

2. Donovan Pulls of Disappearing Act… Twice!

WOW! Are you kidding me? Poor Magic, the only franchise that has suffered more is Boston after Bird… Can you tell me something the Magic have done after the Big Diesel? Funny thing is, I think they will be better off now that they will likely get Stan Van Gundy. Then again you can’t seriously be surprised this day an age… I mean Nick Saban thinks what Billy Donovan did is jacked up. In the end, this is one good move for Billy’s emotions, but a terrible move for his career. Oh wait, that’s right, they are going to be a powerhouse like Duke right? LOL, please UNLV came one bad game from accomplishing the same thing in the early 90’s and I dare you to tell me what conference they are in. Florida will always be a football school… if you want to call a University that has won ONLY 2 National Championships in its entire history a football school. The year before that UF football was 9-4, and this year I expect the same… way to go Gayturds.

3. Stanley Cup Finals

Don’t quote me, but I heard they are really playing them… seriously.

4. Rocket Still on the Launch Pad

What is 28 million dollars worth to you? Well to the Skankees it’s worth a steroid pumping, Benedict Arnold, and now Soft Groining Rodger Clemens. He is getting paid about 1 million dollars a week and he did not start in Fenway this weekend, and not starting this Monday (which the Skankees are currently loosing 5-1). I don’t know about you, but I am praying he goes out there with a soft groin, tears it in the first pitch, and the Skanks have to eat the contract for a player on the 60 day DL… please God, please.

King of the JV

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King James

Sorry it has taken me so long to write today, but I really, really, really had a hard time thinking what to write. To be honest, I had planned to write about soccer and the Copa Libertadores as Boca Juniors (my team) took on Cucuta in the semis. However, a 3-1 loss ruined that plan. I even sunk as low as to think about writing about the Stanley Cup finals! Whooooo, thank God I turned on TNT at 1 am and found out that there was still basketball being played! And here I thought that the playoffs ended when David Stern suspended Amari Staudemire and the other meaningless guy… Boris whatever, handing the trophy to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals…. URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 2nd Round of the Western Conference playoffs.

So I can honestly say I was watching when Lebron James made me shut up, get off his back, and say… “You know what? He really is King of the Junior Varsity Division of the NBA.”

Did you see that performance some people refer to as one of the “greatest” playoff performances of all time? I mean he went 48 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assists! Never mind that it was against one of the softest defenses performances in the playoffs (Even Don Nelson and the Warriors thought that defensive effort was wack), never mind that it was in game 5, not 6 nor 7, and in the Conference Finals where the 8th, 7th, and 6th seeds all played till the last day of the season to not finish above .500, never mind that it wasn’t the NBA Finals (the Suns and Spurs already played that), and never mind that King James went head to head with stars such as Rip Hamilton, Chauncey Billups, Tejon Prince and company. I mean, who needs Jordan, Magic, Bird, Baylor, Zeek, Barkley, Malone, or any other big rival when you got Deeeeeeeeetroit Bas-ket-baaaaaaaall?

I will not sit here and tell you I wasn’t impressed, he was huge, he carried his team, but did he have a choice? Were the numbers that spectacular? I mean 48 points in a regulation and double over time! Let’s get off his jock just a bit. And who else could have done anything? Gooden? Snow? Hughes? LOL, please. Just do me a favor and don’t call this one of the greatest performances of all time when I can think of so many without really thinking!

What, did we forget when Jordan had to be carried off the court and buried the Jazz by himself while having a fever over 100 and the flu? And did we forget he played against Stockton and Malone on their court?

Did we forget about Willis Reed in game 7 of the NBA Finals with one ankle?

Are you too young to know that Magic Johnson put up 42 points, 15 rebounds, and 7 assists in game 6 of the NBA Finals as a rookie? Oh and you want to know what was so clutch about that? He didn’t play his usual PG position, noooooooo, Kareem was hurt and he played Center against Moses Malone!

Elgin Baylor in the ’62 Finals had 61 points and 22 boards! (Without double overtime).

Please people, I admit I hate Lebron, I think the hype is not believable, and maybe I may be wrong, and maybe it’s just a traditionalist wanting to see a young player pay his dues year after year like Jordan had to pay them to the Bad Boys, Magic to Bird, Bird to Kareem, so on and so on. But at least I can rest assure, that if Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeetroit Bas-ket-baaaaaaaaaaaall doesn’t make him pay, at least the Varsity Champions San Antonio Spurs, and the REAL King of our current NBA Era Tim Duncan will.

Yankees Win!

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Sarcasm- “a sneer, jest, taunt, mockery,” from sarkazein “to speak bitterly, sneer, a form of wit that is marked by the use of sarcastic language and is intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule.”

The Yankees have come all the way back from being swept at home by the Angels, and avoided the sweep by the Toronto Blue Jays cutting the Red Sox lead to ONLY 13.5 games! The Yankees get a much-deserved win after a monumental victory this Wednesday. In fact, it was just their first win in 6 games. And they are just in time for the “Rocket” to re-launch! I mean, if anyone can go to the mound on no days rest and win the division back is Rodger Clemens right?

In fact, in an interview after their “World Series” type win this Wednesday, it was speculated that Rodger would not make his first start of the season against the Red Sox. I mean it’s not like they paid him a record high 28 million dollars to play the team that is in first place. And come on, lets get real, it’s not like the Red Sox are some sort of rival or anything. They would never call the Yankees the “Evil Empire” or anything like that. Rodger Clemens is getting $28 million to do anything, but face the Red Sox head to head in a division game.

Yankee fans are so excited that they are speculating Rodger Clemens on Monday will start against the Sox (WHITE), and hit lead-off, clean-up, 2 hole, third, and maybe if he has it in him he might go 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th, leaving room for their OTHER 25 million dollar savior (Alex “I randomly visit strip clubs and take the blondes home” Rodriguez) to hit 9th.

“The savior is coming!” Yankee fan can now scream, as they will likely ONLY be 16.5 games back by the end of the series coming up in Fenway. But rest assure, the “Rocket” will save you Yankee fan. He will be even better than he was last season in the tough NL Central, which produced the eventual World Series Champs (shhhhhh who cares if they did it with the 2nd worst regular season record ever, the NL Central is tough!). I mean it’s not everyday you can produce against a no DH line up, and hitters such as Carlos Zambrano, Ian Snell, Ben Sheets, Jeff Suppan, and the incredible Claudio Vargas. Who needs Designated Hitters such as David Ortiz, Gary Sheffield, Jim Thome, Frank Thomas, and Travis Haffner, when you got pitchers hitting? But it’s OK, because when Rodger goes out there and avoids the Red Sox, faces KC, Tampa, Baltimore, and the Rangers, his 2.8 million dollars per win (assuming he wins 10 games) will all be worth it.

The only one happier than Yankee fan is the blonde lobby walking, purple lipstick wearing, Mr. April, arm swatting, purse caring, Alex Rodriguez, who will no longer have the highest paying contract in sports history. And why wouldn’t he be, he is in line to become the AL MVP! And don’t give me this crap that a last place team can’t have the MVP… last time I checked it was last done by some guy in the Rangers a few years back…

I have never been more proud to be a Lake

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Everyone who knows me knows that I may be the BIGGEST and most adamant sports fan in the world. And because I am so vocal and passionate about my teams, I catch heat more than anyone I know. But nothing seems to fuel the fire more than my love for teams that have absolutely nothing to do with where I am from or where I live. I am not a Magic fan, nor a Predators fan… considering those are the only 2 sports franchises’ in Orlando besides Mickey Mouse sport hunting. And the Puerto Rico Expos were removed from El Hiram Bithorn a couple years back and became the Washington Nationals. I am a fan of Da U, Boston Red Sox, Boca Juniors, New England Pats, and today I have never been more proud to be a fan of course, of the soon to be Kobe-less Lakes.

I love controversy, I love the “bad guys,” who in my opinion are the REAL good guys, and I use to love Kobe. I have defended him time and time again when critics came his way, so now of course I will not choose to join them and become a hypocrite. However, it is moments like these that I get up out of my chair and put on my #34 Shaquille O’Neil jersey and remind myself whom the real championship delivery guy was. It is times like these when I do not bail on my team, and stand up and tell my critics… “You see, I am no bandwagon fan, I stand by my 9 point choking soccer team, 7-6 university, 96 year-less championship green monstah sox, and now my Kobe-less Lakes.”

To all whom are criticized by their sports affiliation that make no sense (with exception to Yankee fan who has never seen the skyline of NYC and is just a fan because Jay-Z and P-Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy, Poop Daddy, or whatever he is calling himself these days) I say, be proud, stand up, and grab that old jersey from the closet… as long as it’s not a #8 or #24 or whatever it will be when he goes to play in Pluto (like he said he would over playing in LA) Kobe Bryant jersey.

That is… if he really wants to go to Pluto or out of LA… I guess only a limited few really know… Kobe, the Lakers, and NASA